Surfing and Jesus

In an earlier post, Is Missions For Me?, we talked about how every aspect of our lives is an opportunity to point others to Jesus. Most of us are experts in compartmentalizing. We’ve got our work life, hobby life, family life, church life, social life, you name it! And generally, we don’t often let these separate life circles bleed over into each other. And rightly so, it would be chaos and likely toxic if we let our hobby and social life mesh into our work like. But sadly, too often we keep our church life segregated as well. Jesus called us to more than “church life.” He calls us to missional living. Missional living is allowing Jesus to permeate every aspect of our every day. It’s allowing Jesus to take the center in our work life, hobby life, family life, social life, and yes, our Sunday morning church life. We’ve been given an incredible opportunity to use our passions, skills, talents, and resources to creatively introduce others to Jesus. Here’s one amazing way FCC global partner, Shemah Tours, is inviting surfers and adventure seekers to go on a short term trip to share Jesus by using their love of surfing and travel tourism:

Interested in joining the FCC Southeast Asia Surf Trip? Applications are due April 10. CLICK HERE

Has the application deadline for this trip already passed but you want to learn about other short term trips with FCC? CLICK HERE.