Trips Change Things

If you’ve ever been on a short-term outreach trip, maybe you’ve wondered what the actual long-term impact was for those you served. It’s difficult to see in 10 days what really takes 10 years to accomplish. We often hope to see immediate change and transformation in the project we’re accomplishing or the relationship we’re building. Usually, that doesn’t even happen in our own life. We learn, grow, and change over time. Each day, God gives you the opportunity to take a small step into the new, whole, and hope-filled life God desires for each of us. That’s what happens on trips.

On trips, we seek to invite those we’re serving to take small steps into the life God wants for all of us. Sometimes, offering that step looks like a conversation, receiving a new home, a soccer game, a children’s program, or maybe just a “hello.”

Over a year ago, a FCC short-term team went to build a home for a family in Ecuador. While the family was grateful beyond words, there was no way of knowing the incredible long-term impact this small 10 day trip would have. Today, that family is now connected to a church because the team and mission organization that helped them, loved Jesus. They’re growing in community with others who also follow Jesus and want to see that same hope and grace transform their neighborhood. Their physical surroundings have improved but more importantly, they’ve experienced grace and found purpose because of a God that deeply loves them.

You too can help others take a step.

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